Velocity Surfing Presents Sling Blade


The idea came from watching countless people of all ages struggling with their surfboards while trying to reach the one place that we all cherish, the ocean.


There is no longer a need to wear yourself out before you get to surf. Why should you have to carry yours and somebody else's board. Sling Blade was designed for all men, women and children of all ages.


The shape and design was created for short boards, long boards and paddle boards. There is also a secure pocket to store your accessories: wax, keys, magazines or money. Carry your board(s), wetsuit and towel hands free using the Sling Blade. Don't have a surfboard rack, use Sling Blade as a holder in your garage. Hang the sling with your board in it from a secure wall mount and get organized.


"The Sling Blade is the best! I never have to worry about dinging my board when I ride or skate to the beach. It even has a pocket to hold my keys, wallet and surf wax. "

"Sling Blade allows me to save my arms for paddling. No more heavy weight on my fingers, especially when you drape your wetsuit or towel over your board while you walk. "