Velocity Surfing presents Sling Blade

A unique and innovative design for helping you reach your surf destination without the stresses of carrying a surfboard or boogie board. Whether you walk, skate or ride your bike to the beach, Sling Blade is there to help.


This product is easy to use and store due to its simplicity and design. The idea came from watching countless people of all ages struggling with their surfboards while trying to reach the one place we all love, the water.


"The Sling Blade is the best! I never have to worry about dinging my board when I ride or skate to the beach. It even has a pocket to hold my keys, wallet and surf wax. "

"I was borrowing my neighbors Sling Blade and it was a GAME CHANGER! This thing is exactly what I needed. Simple, yet super functional. It makes carrying my 9' longboard and another 7' board feel like I am carrying a bag of groceries, piece of cake! I saw a lot of other options but they were all weird and complicated. "

"Sling Blade allows me to save my arms for paddling. No more heavy weight on my fingers, especially when you drape your wetsuit or towel over your board while you walk."

"We ordered 2 of these yesterday and got them today. They are awesome! I'm 5'2, and my husband is 6'2. I have a 9ft board, and he has a 10ft board. These work great for both of us. They are easy to put on and adjust, and I love the front pocket for holding booties and sunscreen, and you could throw all sorts of other stuff into the sling with the board (wetsuit, towel). The only thing that would make this better is if it had some sort of padded, velcro that you could wrap around the straps to protect your shoulder a bit if you're going a long distance, but shorter walks should be fine as it is. I added a piece of pool noodle to go over my straps, and my husband added a wrap-around from some other bag. Love this sling!!!"